January 11, 2004

Vol. 1, No. 1

Published Weekly on Mondays
By Leadership University

This week's classes are listed along with those coming
up in the future.  If you are not a member and wish to
take these classes you may purchase them independently
or pay $1097 to purchase the "Leadership Development
System" which includes these classes. The lifetime
offer for undergraduate and graduate classes expires on
Sunday, January 18, 2004.  After that date, the $997
fee will be for undergraduate courses ONLY.  The
curriculum is now under development.

This offer is only available to B\Coaches at this time.
To purchase the Leadership Development System, go to

Welcome from the President

Hi and welcome to the inaugural issue of LeadUNEWS.

I know a lot is happening fairly quickly and many
people just can't keep up so I thought I would just try
to keep you updated as to where we are in sort of a
"big rock" way each week.

This next week is going to bring about the launch of
the level 5 pioneer leaders (I've chosen pioneer for
this level of about 7000+ people and pathfinder for
level 6.  Each level as you know is progressive in
terms of a factor of 6.

There were a lot of reasons for choosing 6:

    -six degrees of separation
    -six people + 1 make a perfect mastermind
    =the number 7 has universal meaning (leader + six)
    -using a factor of six is a way to get to people
     universally with this model

As the system moves forward, we'll continue to add
classes from our members, currently over 70, which is 2
times more than I thought we would have at this time.

In some ways, LeadU is about numbers, but more so it is
about a vision of providing leadership development --- and not just leadership
development, but a revenue stream to pay for it, both in terms of time, money,
space and reasons.

We've established the core path for those entering
schools that require the core path.

Some schools won't require the path; I know the school
of "Leadership Studies" as it is called right now will
not require one to go through the path.  Each of the 36
schools will be led by a visionary leader and that
visionary will be supported by 6 servant leaders.
Between them and me, we will create 36 emergent lines
of leadership development that can be woven together in
almost any fashion for learning and growth.

These leaders will receive additional compensation over
and above their level 4 founding revenue streams so
that they will have the time, money, space and reason
to pursue their work with Leadership University over

Be sure to send in a proposal for a school and sign up
to become a servant leader once schools are announced
if you want to leverage your own work.

Also, any member of LeadU can teach an approved class.

We will also help you promote your program outside of
the community as well as inside the community.  Any
money you earn from the outside is yours in exchange
for teaching the class inside.  I believe this is a
collaborative way to promote learning and the growth of
your own network.

Over time, our infrastructure will become automated and
robust enough to handle 1000s of classes.

We'll be opening teledevelop.com soon to manage
outreach beyond LeadU so that your classes can be
listed to the inside as well as outside world.  In
fact, the LeadUNEWS will do double duty and become
teledevelop NEWS as well.

Teledevelop.com will become a way of providing people
with a taste of LeadU.

I hope to have an exciting announcement next week to
share with you, but until then...

My best,

Mike Jay, Founder