February 27, 2004

Vol. 1, No. 8

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eCRM 101 (fre*e)
Thursdays at 1:30 p.m. ET for 4 weeks
March 4 – 25, 2004

This is a 4 week basic course in how to set up a
shopping cart and database marketing system.  The
course begins on the first Thursday of every month.

If you are thinking about starting an online business,
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Even if you don't need a shopping cart right now, the
database marketing with unlimited autoresponders alone
make this system a vital tool for anyone doing business
on the internet.

We will walk you through the system, step by step so
you can experience the power for yourself.  Then you
can make an informed decision about whether or not this
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A Message from the Founder

Performance Leadership: Both and Plus!

Some people ask me what Performance Leadership stands
for and that starts my motor.  To me it raises issues
about performance and development. However, most
leaders today just don't understand the emergent,
non-dual nature of leadership. Most leaders oscillate
between the world of performance and the world of
development, one controlled by the MBO folks, Six
Sigma, and Balanced Scorecard camps and the other
dominated (if I might be so bold as to describe the
humanist camp as dominating) by the human potential

In Myers-Briggs terms, we say the duality or dichotomy
between thinking and feeling, or perhaps the objective
vs. the subjective.  Performance Leadership speaks to
the non-dual nature of emergent leadership. Yet,
Performance Leadership provides emphasis on designing
"performance enhanced" leadership in complex adaptive
systems [CAS]--a complex, nonlinear, interactive system
which has the ability to adapt to a changing
environment. [I'll review CAS next week.]

Many people today consider the old fashioned Theory X
management and leadership styles obsolete, yet every
good leader I've ever seen had a measure of the
alphabet in them...if not directly, indirectly through
the leadership & management system they designed and
maintained. It is never one or the other, it is "both
and +" I'd call it.

Performance Leadership Systems have an appropriate
measure of Power, Accountability, Authority and
Responsibility, or PAAR. Without sufficient quantities
of all of those key elements, the emergent, complex
adaptive system tears itself apart trying to keep from
going into equilibrium…a death spiral. In the end,
Performance Leadership allows us to employ a
metasystematic approach to creating the necessary
conditions to make PAAR, for those of you out there who
are golfers. Making PAAR sometimes is a great way to
put you and your organization in a position to take
advantage of opportunities.

So, when you think of your leadership system, how do
people make PAAR?

Over time, I'll share with you the ideas around making
PAAR I have and you can contrast your ideas with mine
about the opportunities that exist in today's complex

I often speak to coaches about the necessity of having
PAAR taken care of through the design, implementation
and maintenance of a performance and development
synergy through a strategy focused approach BEFORE
engaging people in coaching.  This approach is guided
by five particular tenets discussed in "The
Strategy-Focused Organizations" by Kaplan and Norton of
Balanced Scorecard fame and more recently "Strategy
Maps."  Enlisting a strategy focused approach whether
it is a balanced scorecard or a coaching system
approach is efficient and defines a performance
leadership approach in my view.

The five principles are:

     -Translate the Strategy in Operational Terms.

     -Align the Organization to the Strategy.

     -Make Strategy Everyone's Everyday Job.

     -Make Strategy a Continual Process.

     -Mobilize Change Through Executive Leadership.

So, as our friend Buzz Lightyear says..."to infinity
and beyond."

May your leadership perform.

Mike R. Jay, Master Business Coach
Leadership University Founder

Classes beginning week of March 1

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21 DAY Business Plan ($49)
Monday – Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 10:21 a.m. ET
March 1, 2004

The 21 Day Business Plan is a step-by-step guide with
simple steps and support to show you how to plan and
write your business plan, in just 21 days. Many
entrepreneurs and small business owners don't know
where to begin, or have begun the process only to
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eCRM 101 (fre*e)
Thursdays at 1:30 p.m. ET for 4 weeks
March 4 – 25, 2004

This is a 4 week basic course in how to set up a
shopping cart and database marketing system.  The
course begins on the first Thursday of every month.

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EVERYDAY Wellth (fre*e)[Create your own WealthPlan]
Fridays, beginning March 4, 2004, 14 weeks 5 pm ET, 1
Lead by Skip Andrews and Jeanette Haas

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WELLTH MasterMIND ($297)
Fridays, 1:30 p.m., ongoing two 1 hr segments:
beginners and intermediate 1:30/2:30 p.m. ET

Info: http://www.wellthmastermind.com



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CosMOS/Spiral Coaching I and II ($297)
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Tuesdays beginning April 6, 2004, 12 weeks 11:15 am ET,
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COACHING Personal Resilience ($297)
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Mondays, April 12 – June 28 (12 weeks), 1:30 p.m. ET



LEADERSHIP Engagement ($497)
Lead by Mike R. Jay
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Lead by Mike R. Jay
Tuesdays, June 1 to August 24, 2004, 11:15 a.m. ET
1 hr

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SPIRAL MARKETING with Master Business Coach Mike R. Jay
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