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Marketing 2.0 Intensive with Mike Jay
April 12 - 30, 2005
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1:30 p.m. ET
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From April 12 through April 30, 2005, spend an
intensive 3 weeks working with a small group of
people as Mike Jay makes the shift to the new wave
of direct mail marketing.

Don't miss this rare opportunity to work closely
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paradigm and ride the new wave of prosperity (in
all modes) that is waiting for each person on
their own path. By watching Mike learn, you'll be
exposed to everything he does now, understanding
what works, what doesn't, but more than that, what
has to be done to change and adapt to the new
conditions we all face.

You'll be working 3 times a week for basically 21
days for about an hour at a time with special
sessions on Saturday mornings in the Eastern Time
Zone for those who want extra work and help.

The goals are simple:

1. Identify the new wave principles of direct

2. Implement the tools necessary to accomplish
this online and asynchronously.

3. Move away from Direct Marketing 1.0 that
depends on synchronous work.

4. Get conversion rates into higher levels.

5. Get higher returns with less effort, so you can
spend more time doing what you love to do.

If your goals are similar, or you're ready to make
the leap, join Mike Jay for this intensive
teleworkshop. The group will be limited so you get
enough air time to discuss the issues. You’ll need
to have internet access during the class, or if
you’re listening to the audio, you can review the
sessions. However, these sessions won’t be
available to the public as this is for the most
part proprietary material and will not be widely

These sessions will be fast and furious, you’ll
need to come prepared to learn and learn fast, but
what you’ll get in return is more than 30 years of
marketing experience synthesized quickly. Mike
will show you the actions he is taking and the
ones he's going to take to move to the next
level…just listening in with a notepad is going to
be reward enough for most people, but actually
implementing a system as he's going to do in these
3 weeks will get you moving quickly. You will get
a complete set of audio CDs to review at your own
convenience as part of the class fee.

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A Note from the Founder – Mike R. Jay, Master
Business Coach

The Case for Unenlightened Leadership

There seems to be a general fad that will probably
turn into a leadership trend.  We see more and
more injection of Eastern Spirituality and
Tradition injected through the gurus who are
making money and collecting souls in the west.

This morning I woke up early and my thoughts
drifted to my experience recently in India at an
Ashram. It was a beautiful place with very kind,
upbeat and sensible people. Yet, to me, there is
something dramatically missing in the Eastern
philosophies that the West has in abundance. For
now, I’ll call it the "unenlightened" view.

In the east, there are a number of beliefs which
are quite different than the west; everything from
beliefs around causality to destiny, karma, inner
work and spirituality. All of these are very
interesting for leadership studies and bring us a
more whole-made view of life, work and business.
Yet, something is missing in the Eastern View and
while I can’t put my finger on it, perhaps I can
speak from the Western point of view that is
centered on getting things done. We don’t always
do the right things, but in large part, we act
decisively with an attitude of getting things

Some people criticize this “unenlightened”
position, but I think there is more to it. The
interesting thing about the East may be that
leadership has sub-optimized the system of
efficiently getting things done like in the West.
I won’t argue right and wrong here, as there are
issues to consider on all sides. However, I do
want to make a case for "unenlightenment".
I’ll call "unenlightenment" working with what you
know, instead of seeking what you don’t know. You
can go to www.google.com and put
define:enlightenment into the search bar and
you’ll see what I mean. Apparently enlightenment
has nothing to do with getting things done in a
Western sense.

The illusion that I think many people operate
under is basically blank slate…"anybody can be
anything they want to be."

Perhaps this is why enlightenment is such a hot
topic. It does present an unfolding path -
spiritually speaking - and in a lot of cases could
be helpful in reducing suffering. Although where
there is a claim of greatest enlightenment or
realization, I see the greatest suffering, go
figure. I think I heard someone say that Buddha
said, "Whatever you can’t confirm through
experience is not the truth." If that’s the case,
then enlightenment may not be what it’s cut out to
be for most people. I will grant that for some
people, enlightenment may be the ticket.
My contention is in this world of suffering,
suffering is a wholesome (?) part of the journey.

Effective leaders can provide examples, even when
unenlightened, of how to help people get things
done in the midst of suffering rather than resign
to a place where people are managed. I will also
concede that getting things done may not be the
right question. However, I would see the
elimination of suffering to be camps along a
continuum of enlightenment and unenlightenment.
I’ll hypothesize that unenlightenment, when
executed according to a holistic design, can
eliminate as much human suffering as
enlightenment—hence my case for unenlightenment.

While this piece is getting longer than is really
practical to deliver in the microcast formula,
bear with me for a few more lines.

Instead of pushing people up the ladder to
enlightenment, which seems to me to be the most
preferred path among the enlighteners, why not
lead people to satisfy their intrinsically wired
“vasanas” or desires (call it inductive biases)?
Enlightenment teaches the elimination of desire
and therefore of suffering. I suspect the
unenlightened way would teach the satisfaction of
desire, and I contend the elimination of
suffering, if a whole-making approach (which seems
to be the property of the more enlightened) were
employed. In both cases, the epitome of each is
self-knowledge, as I see the paths.

The unenlightened leader, at least the effective
ones, would be efficient and effective in their
pursuit of creating systems and environments where
desires are satisfied, therefore creating
sustainable systems.

Join me next week for: Unenlightened Leadership

Mike R. Jay, Founder

P.S.  Please visit my blog at
http://www.leadwise.com to comment on this and
other articles about leadership.

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