June 17, 2005
Vol. 2, No. 24

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A Note from the Founder – Mike R. Jay, Master Business Coach

Leadership & Feedback

Nowadays, feedback is the rage.

We have 360 this and 360 that and everyone's starting
to assess themselves, each other and the organization.
Let me give you a few ideas about how feedback by and
of itself is the most dangerous thing for leadership.

Now, I realize I'm swimming upstream here, but if you
dare, listen a moment and you'll be much better off as
a leader, especially when you ask for feedback...which
like Ex-lax should be used carefully or you'll make a

Most people won't be able to answer this question:

"What happens inside another person when you ask for
feedback from them?"

Many I believe will just say, "Well they think about
your relationship and how things have been going and
they tell you how they would like you or things to
be...at best. At worst, they tell you things are not so
good and that if you don't change bad things will

Somewhere in between those two continuums lies most
feedback. However, that's not what people really do
when they give you feedback....

When someone gives you feedback, they "create" an
expectation that you are going to do something with the
feedback! Oops, never thought of that did you?

Clearly, the "ask and you shall receive" axiom is
working here, but it's working both ways. Because you
asked, they should receive. AND if you fail to do
something with the feedback, you asking for feedback,
however well intentioned it was... is going to create
more of a problem than what you solved by asking for
the feedback.

When you even think about asking people for feedback,
here is the advice I have for you:

1. Know at least how you function, what you value and
how you are motivated.

2. Identify beforehand, how you learn, grow and
develop--without direct feedback from others.

3. Create support systems ahead of asking for feedback,
so when you get feedback you are supported.

4. Plan to do something quick about feedback you get,
look for the low-hanging fruit in the feedback and show
the people you got feedback from, you're willing to
commit to something.

5. Follow-through.

Even if you can't use the feedback, or if you're not
prepared to make changes, communicate to people giving
you the feedback that it's important they know you
appreciate it and are going to consider how to best use
it AND while you may not make changes now, you are
going to implement them at some point and let them know
of this progress.

Getting feedback is not the key to efficient, effective
and sustainable leadership...managing it is!

If you're looking for ways to create systems to be a
better leader, come join us.

From the desk of Mike R. Jay, Master Business Coach
Founder, http://www.leadershipuniversity.com

P.S.  Please visit my blog at
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