November 25, 2005
Vol. 2, No. 47

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From the Founder – Mike R. Jay, Master Business Coach ======================================

Leadership & Sleep?

In our society, in the U.S. particularly, about 70% of the people are sleep deprived. I also used to sleep only about 4 hours a night myself; until I began reading about how in sleep the bodymind repairs itself.

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At the cellular level, sleep is required as it is the only time where the bodymind works on restoring equilibrium. I've discussed this with some anti-aging experts and they confirm these concepts of getting the right amount of sleep.

What's more...women need MORE sleep than men because they have more complex systems and therefore I've seen 10 hours of sleep as ideal for women, 8 for men.

Once I gave up my 4 hour nights, not ONLY did my actual productivity improve, but my energy levels, as well as my overall feeling of well-being was enhanced.

I admit, I may be different, but in my view, as I work with clients around the world, there is no substitute for the appropriate amounts of sleep.

IF you want to age yourself, so you're the first one to old age, then deprive yourself of sleep. Otherwise, leaders change your habits and get enough sleep.
Then when you work, or play, or love or relate, you'll be in top condition...and your life doesn't need to suffer needlessly because you burn the midnight oil, or don't get appropriate amounts of sleep.

I will say one thing about this as well...since sleeping more, my entire biorhythm has shifted. I used to go to bed VERY early in the morning and get up at a normal time, but now I go to bed early and I get up early, much like the rhythm of the day and night cycle. I would have NEVER guessed this would happen to me, for all my life I've been an owl...and the past 5 years, since sleeping
7-8 hours a night, I now get up before sunlight.

Again, this may be me...but from someone who has come over from the other side...taking care of your sleep has shown me that it really matters.

Designing your life in a way that creates more energy and time for everything important, including sleep is the essential philosophy of CPR For The SOUL:
Creating Personal Resilience By Design.

The book launches privately to only the update subscribers and the leadership community on January 6, 2006. If you want to reserve your spot to receive the book and the offers with the book, be sure to get onto my CPR Update List, at .

To your health,


Mike R. Jay, Founder

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