Dec 2, 2005
Vol. 2, No. 48

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From the Founder – Mike R. Jay, Master Business Coach

Leadership, Lexigrams and Mystical Connections

Most of you know, I’m pretty pragmatic and not all that subjective…and I think
that is giving me some attributes that I may not have in any case. Kirron Ram
Gulrajani, one of our LeadU Members from India, who can be reached at sent me a note the other day noticing my fascination, or what
might be addiction to creating acronyms, which as some of you know, I don’t completely do on my own. Kirron did most of the work here, so he gets credit for this
piece, but I thought you might enjoy it as I did.

People have often noticed that I love to make/find purposeful acronyms...
OPTIMULL, MYTH, OPPOR+unity PAAR as just a few.
There is a dimensionality about words which is fascinating called lexigrams!
Words hidden within words, even daughter words have a mystical connection with
the parent word.
Let’s take one of my favorite key words: RESILIENT.

Interesting Words hidden within this word are LISTEN which in turn has SILENT,
NEST and Enlist. Rest and Tries, Rise, Lies, and if one is not very particular
about the spelling and only looks at it phonetically, you have ESsENCE.
In "Path Driven Resilience", which is part of my new CPR For The SOUL book
Path Driven Resilience might then be described as an ETERNAL path of the HEART
which requires us to LISTEN deeply and be SILENT as the soul REVEALs the NEST in which we can REST by ENLISTing and INSPIRing self and others through Design.
Kirron’s favorite word is WONDER which has ONE, WON, NOW, OWN, Drown
BREATHE has HEART  BEAT - And HEART in turn has EARTH, HE and HER, ART, H(EAR),
Often opposites are hidden in the word, capturing the paradox of duality.

Trivial has Vital, Oblivious has Obvious, Talent has Latent, Space has Pace,
Sacred has Scared, Creation has Reaction, Live has Evil and Veil, Trust has
Rust, Belief has Be lie and file ;-) and so forth. HISTORY is His Story; EVOLVE has
Kirron hopes you enjoyed this revelation (revel, real),


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