Integral Real Estate

Applying The REAL-Estate Metaphor to Passive Income Generation On Internet 2.0

Creating a Spiritual Approach with Passive Income Contribution

On April 15, 2009, I'll reveal the first 2nd Tier Approach to mastering the Internet 2.0 global approach to Virtual Real Estate.

Over the past five years, I've spent literally a fortune learning how to develop and navigate Internet 1.0. Quite frankly, it's not easy to do, but I've done it.

No matter what the "Internet Marketing Crowd" tells you about this or that, unless you're on the inside, you're going to have a VERY difficult time making a living on the Internet.

Does that mean you can't?

Absolutely not.

Does that mean you will?

Almost assuredly, you won't.

I'm going to be upfront with you and reveal to you what it has cost me more than 1 million dollars to discover.

Here are the secrets to Internet 1.0

  1. Build a database of at least 100,000, money starts flowing well at about 10,000 members in your list.
  2. Identify the conversations that people are having in your list about what they want and sell it to them.
  3. Promote everyday and take care of your customers like you only had one.
  4. Use google adsense and money pages.
  5. Identify Joint Venture Partners and work with them to cross-fertilize your lists.
  6. Innovate like crazy, come up with new products, new angles and new "stuff".
  7. Execute the details like your life depended on it.
  8. Systematize everything, create a marketing ecology.
  9. Mass customize to as many segmented groups as possible, if possible 1 to 1.
  10. Grab as much of the virtual real estate as you possibly can.

If you do these 10 things, even sort of well, you'll be successful in almost all things Internet 1.0.

So, now that I've told you everything, what's there to buy?

Well, like most Internet 1.0 Successes, 99% of you won't be able to do half of the 10 critical steps above!


Because it's one hell of a lot harder than you think.

Not only are few people geared to managing these 10, it takes money AND time to assemble a team if you're not gifted with Internet 1.0 in your blood, and believe there are a few people who are...but take my word for it, it "ain't" us.

By the time you get your system built up enough, it's out grown you and you have to hire people to take you to the next level so you can make some money after you pay everyone. Honestly, it takes a village to do what most of these people tell you that YOU can do.

Candidly, they are in business to help you think that if you just do what they say, follow their models, you'll be as successful as they are...and they BANK on you believing them.

Is it true, can you do it?

Of course you can.

Will you?

Most likely not!


It's too complex for all but the hardest headed ones of us who are willing to keep staring failure in the face and keep learning until we get it right.

Few people ever last.

People like you become "collectors" of one Internet 1.0 "Get Rich Program" after another, until like me, you have spent thousands that you'll never recoup in profits. I've been there, I've done that and while I've come out the other side, I doubt you will.

I want to be frank, honest and forthright, if you try to create these systems so they make money while you sleep, here's what you need in the minimum:

I'm not kidding.

Underneath all the stuff the Internet 1.0 people tell you, you've got to have at least a sophisticated an approach as what you see in the graphic, UNLESS you happen to hit a perfect storm, which only occurs in movies.

And you know what they don't tell you?


Once you start selling a lot of stuff, they don't tell you that you're going to need to give a lot of refunds, provide lots of technical support and have a full-time person just seeing after all the transactions, fulfillment and refunds!

I know, I've done it, I have these people, I have these issues and quite frankly, I don't have a lot of refunds, or problems and it still is enough to make me run and hide with the minor issues I do have.

So, what's the deal?

Surely, I've talked you out of anything I could sell you, right?

Ok, maybe so, but the problems remain:

  1. The world is not getting any more simple.

  2. Workers in the western world are experiencing more stress and less returns on their working investments.

  3. Jobs will continue to be rapidly off-shored and out-sourced.

  4. Competition is getting fierce for clients and customers.

  5. You are continuing to trade time for money.

  6. Now, they tell you you're going to live 25 years longer than your parents and you haven't saved that much.

I could keep going...

You have to do something to create some passive income and to stop trading time for money because you don't have any more time!

You would like to invest in real estate but that's too risky, requires too much capital and it has all the problems that I've described above, only with more "0s" behind them.

You have tried your hand at investing and found that this is a place where if you don't what you're doing, the only way you'll have a million is to start with 2 million.

You've tried this, you've bought this program, you've bought that one, you have them sitting on your shelf, in some cases, unopened...yet you can't make yourself move on anything...?

Does this sound familiar?

Of course it does.

You're not the only one, 99% of the people in America are in the same boat, this "passive income" stuff ain't easy, in fact it can be a trap, a real money pit!

Am I going to tell you what I've got in mind?


It came to me slowly over the past 5 years, first I had to develop a new mindset.

Next, I had to develop the skills I needed to go with the new knowledge.

Then, I had to lose a lot of money to figure out what I didn't know about what I did know and what I didn't know about what I didn't know.

After that, I started getting it figured out.

I started making some money.

Things started getting easier, then I got to where I needed some help and back I went again, down the hill, until I managed to figure out what kind of help I needed and how I needed to manage that help and up I came again.

All in all, I finally realized that what the Internet 1.0 crowd was saying was in fact true to a point. The point was this. As long as you found a bunch of people to work with, and for, then you could pretty much count on getting ahead--passive income becomes a reality at that point, you gradually begin to see the daylight at the end of the tunnel.

The secret?

It takes a village. Hillary was right!

Ok, nothing new, right?

So, where does Internet 2.0 come in?

Well, the mind-set has to shift.

The rules have shifted, so you must start thinking differently.


Meta, means about.

If the Internet 1.0 infrastructure is required, then how does a regular person like you and me get that in place?

We don't!

Meta, remember?

We get it created for us.

Yes, but you said Mike that it costs a lot, is a lot of trouble and we're back to managing employees again, how is that passive income?

It's not and you don't want to extend Internet 1.0, you must transcend it to get to Internet 2.0!

So, let me get this straight.

You have to have Internet 1.0 functioning as an infrastructure, but "I" don't have to create it, build it, maintain it, or support it?

How is this possible?

Internet 2.0

What I realized was that we already had a metaphor for Internet 2.0, but we couldn't see it. Oh yes, people have talked about "virtual real-estate" for years, but go ahead, do a search on it, see what you come up with! Go ahead and come back here when you're satisfied that you haven't learned anything about Internet 2.0 that applies to you now.

You see, I already have, I've looked at everything out there, but what they don't get because the Internet 1.0 people are in a massive land grab is how you and me could compete with these people who are "extending" the paradigm of I1.0 as far as it will take them, and believe me, there is a lot of room to ride I1.0!

But that won't help me and you, only those who can run those I1.0 infrastructures, and believe me that's not passive income, that's a full-time job. Are they making money, you bet. Are they trading time for money, you bet they are--big time.

Nothing gained by extending v1.0 folks, except more money.

Life is NOT about more money, if you have to sell your soul for it, we're doing that now, and we're ready for a change...

Enter v2.0.

What came to me was that what you and I need is a way to invest our money, save our time, effort and attention for things that matter, but be able to count on streams of passive revenue to pick up the slack for the deflation that's upon us.

If deflation hasn't hit you yet, you're lucky...just wait, it will. Nobody in the developed world gets out alive on this one. Of course, if you already have these passive revenue streams running, then you're probably not reading this anyway, you have better things to do, bigger fish to fry so to speak, but if you're reading this and you're ready to make a "real safe move" with some of your money, I can offer you a minimum return of 15% annually.

Now, you say, well I had my eye on a little more than that Mike.

I need at least $10,000 now and probably about 30-50,000 in passive revenue within about 5 - 10 years, and I only have $1000 to invest!

Ok, that's a pretty tall, almost impractical order as I see it, but I can point you in the direction you need to go.

What if you had $1000 a year for the next five years to invest?

Could I do that?

Well, 15% annual returns in 5 years on $5000 is only $650 a year, so you're not there yet, but before you starting counting money that you haven't earned yet, let me say this.

If you've only got $1000 or less to invest, the thing to do is to pool your money with other people who have that kind of money to invest and work together to own a bigger property.

Now, here again, I'm going back to the real estate property metaphor.

Honestly, Internet 2.0 is going to work just like real estate, only instead of owning a physical property, you're going to own a virtual property.

What I'm making available to people who want to create passive revenue is a way to invest small amounts, pooling your money with other people who invest small amounts and working together to create larger passive revenue flows.

In other words, it takes money to make money, no use trying to kid yourself about this. Most people don't have a lot of money to pull off-line and invest in physical real estate or a physical business, small or otherwise.

Yes, many will shoot the dice and invest $1000 in a "hot stock" only for the most part to see that investment cool off--been there, done that. I'm with you.

However, what I've discovered is the Internet 2.0 formula.

I wish I could tell you every detail I've designed into the plan, but I can't reveal that because the idea in this case is worth a million.

In fact, I'm going to ask everyone who signs into this program to complete a Non-disclosure agreement, an NDA and a non-compete agreement for 3 years. The Internet works at light speed. There are people with resources out there just watching what innovators are doing and then jumping in with capital and exploiting these ideas fact, it's an entire business that some of these Internet 1.0 people have mastered. If you don't believe me, then read the Reese Report. John Reese, who made a million dollars in one day will scare the living hell out of you with his reports of what is really going on behind the scenes in the black ops of Internet 1.0.

Honestly, that's not for me.

I'm a legitimate business person who believes in generati, a conceptual structure that involves creating the third win--which is not easy by the way!

What I've designed is an innovative system that leverages Internet 1.0 with your money, guarantees you a healthy 15% return and buyout provisions after a 90 day notice, with interest, to show you that what I'm about is gathering together the right people in the right place, doing the right things in the right way, at the right time for the right reasons to collaborate in a community of right doing.

Now, this isn't easy, but it's doable and I've assembled a top-notch team of people I trust and who can vouch for me, for my integrity and for my honesty. In other words, your money is in the right hands.

I'm not promising you a miracle, but what I am promising you is an inside track to passive revenue using small investments leveraged in a meta-community of action.

The thing I figured out is that as an independent, we are our own worst enemy. Unless we're lucky and some are, things just don't work like people say they do. In large part, that's because we have some of the capability necessary, but not enough and we end up sub-optimizing our success. In other words, we break even, instead of creating those sustainable passive streams that we dream about having over time.

My skills lie in innovation, strategy and optimization.

Those have always worked for me, but have not provided me with passive income until lately. What I found I had to do was ignore all the pundits who said, "do it like I do it" and put together a system that can execute I1.0.

Now, it's a matter of exploiting the innovation and strategy with proven tactics and lifting I1.0 to the meta-level.

You see, together, we create a formidable force, both with larger capital flows and the ability to hire expertise on a team that can execute the I1.0 standards.

There are going to be a number of roles you can play and here they are in real estate language that I've adopted to Internet 2.0 so people can understand the differences in the way we create leverage.

  • Owners

  • Gated Community Members

  • Apartment Renters

  • Condo Associations

  • Developers

  • REIT members and so on.

You see, what I figured out and innovated around is directly related to the old economy, but when you add the meta, all of a sudden the same rules apply, but the object of the rules has gone meta.

Since I can use "proven" rules or fundamentals, I know that these rule-sets will become the solution-sets of Internet 2.0. That's the simplicity of it.

The same reasons why physical real-estate is a sound investment if you hold it long enough are the exact same reasons why Internet 2.0 will succeed and return short and long-term revenues, profits and cash-flows to you.

All you have to do is figure out how you want to play.

Each of these models provides different opportunities for the people who purchase fee-simple titles to these programs. Each has a different kind of leverage, just like each physical real-estate entity offers it's participant a different way of making money--of creating passive revenue.

On April 15, I'll reveal how each of these systems offers particular advantages to people who purchase these programs. Let your minds run wild, mine did and it paid off in understanding that the secret for independent people was to work together in community, while maintaining their control, independence and autonomy--all the while not giving up the efficiency of community.

It does take a village and if you're in the right place at the right time, you can own one in Internet 2.0.

If what I'm able to reveal makes sense to you and you want to know more, it's going to cost you. No use beating around the bush, I only am interested in talking to people about this new paradigm who will pony up a non-refundable ticket to the game.

In exchange for your confidence and your money, I'll offer you the following:

  1. Since, certain of these programs will be limited to a select few, I'll make sure you get in once the door swings open in phase 1.

  2. If you're not interested, I'll allow you in credit what you've spent in any of my product or service offerings for one year, so you can recoup your expenditure.

  3. You will however have to sign an NDA and a non-compete and I'll be very serious about enforcing these, as this is one set of ideas that has IPO potential and we want to protect my intellectual property and first-mover advantage.

So, that's it.

It will cost you a speculation fee of only $79, it's non-refundable and all other requirements apply as stated.

If you're ready to become part of something beyond Internet 1.0, then I can't offer you a better chance.

Spend the $79 Now

Thanks for your interest,

Mike R. Jay, Developmentalist

Don't want to risk the money, but want to be notified? Monday March 20 for an invitation.

This is a first come-first serve offer, we do not guarantee a position until you purchase the $79 ticket.

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