August 27, 2004
Vol. 1, No. 34

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By Leadership University


     ** Doug Constant, Alexandria, LA
     ** Dan Trathen, Parker, CO
     ** Patsi Krakoff, Psy. D., Mexico
     ** Heidi Katz, Los Angeles, CA

A Message from the Founder

Making Money & the Greater Good in Leadership

Most people don't see how these fit together and
consequently are either on one side of the coin:
making money; or the other side of the coin:
greater good. In my short life, I've realized they
are not and do not have to be mutually exclusive.

Money is a tool of commerce and a store of value.
What money does is directed by each individual's
own striving and desire to gain what it is that is
important to them. Many people blame money for
what is actually the ineffectual use of money by
people who are not good leaders--they haven't
taken the time to understand what it is that truly
motivates them.

Let me give you an example.

Money used by someone with high power needs will
look different than money used by someone who is
highly idealistic. In the first case, one may use
money to purchase control, dominance or
aggression. Money is a tool, money is not the
problem, but some people project money as the
problem because they would not use money that way.
They feel that money is in fact the problem
because in most cases, they don't see the
connection between money being a tool and the
person using a tool in a particular way. In the
idealist, money is often used for activism. People
donate to political parties, causes and charity.
People feel that money used in this way is the
appropriate use of money because it is used for a
good cause and not used to gain power, dominance
or in aggression.

Life is funny how it all unfolds.

Money is nothing more than a manner of exchange
and a store of value, but to a lot of people it
has become something to be feared, dismissed or
even avoided. Money is seen AS the problem and not
a method of exchange or store of value.

What we've done in Leadership University is try to
understand money and how it can used, leveraged
and exchanged to produce the effects for the
individual that are necessary and the collective
greater good. Making money these days has never
been easier, or more difficult. It is truly a
paradox each individual must face. In most cases,
people are on one side or the other of the paradox
of making money. Most don't know how to do it
because our developed world has always said, get a
job, work hard, and save money. In a lot of ways,
that is smart advice. Leave the making of money to
other people, do what you're told and then save
part of what you earn and invest it--over time,
you'll get ahead.

In the next economy, this axiom will certainly be
the case...and then it won't because as the
economic engine shifts into global gear, we'll see
in large part a restructuring of how money is
exchanged and stored. Therefore, you have to come
up with a different model of making money in the
face of the greater good.

For $4 a day of investment, we can show you how to
do both.

Now, we're not asking for much, just $4 a day and
in six months if you haven't clearly identified
the power in this model, we'll make sure your
investment is protected and purchase your position
in the system.

Specifically, here's what the investment of $4 a
day entails:

Spend $1 on your own health and well-being through
the addition of vitamins, skin care, nutrition and
anti-aging supplements; you choose where you want
to focus.

Allocate $1 to become a member of a global
community of learners who are intent on sharing
their knowledge for the greater good.

Invest $1 a day in a business model which makes
money so you don't have to over time.

Use $1 a day in your own growth and development by
exposing yourself to new material, new ways of
thinking and feeling and self-awareness.

The entire investment costs $120 a month: you make
money over time and you support the growth of the
greater good.

As a leader, becoming part of the solution is
personal leadership.

While most people want to become part of the
solution and remain a part from the problem, quite
frankly, they don't know how. In this system of
making money & the greater good, we've taken an
integrated approach to support your own personal
growth in health and well-being, while at the same
time preparing you for an uncertain future and a
turbulent shift to the next economy. AND, we do
that with community. People from around the world
are joining Leadership University because we're
not focused JUST on the greater good, but are
focused on helping people have lives through the
use and exchange of money-making systems.

Someone used to say, nothing happens without a
sale. Well, we're taking a deeper more profound
look at life and realizing that without a method
of exchange, a store of value, we can't build
systems that support the individual and collective
growth of society. While some will condemn the
focus on making leads to systems for
the greater good when leaders are present.

Come find out how to make money with Leadership
University...where money is not evil, but a
necessary staple of the greater good.

Mike R. Jay, Founder

LeadU Classes
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Leadership University through its parent company
B/Coach Systems, LLC in partnership with Diaplan
brings you the tools to impact your clients'
performance like nothing else available today in
leadership development.
This online coaching curriculum targets the
behaviors of almost every manager, aspiring leader
or professional through 500+ electronic coaching
units covering virtually every professional

The 10-minute, daily coaching units develop the
competencies, skills and behaviors with real-time,
practical learning exercises that keep
participants on track and focused on strategic


COACHING Personal Resilience ($297)
Lead by Mike R. Jay
Tuesday, August 31, 13 weeks    NEW START DATE!
1:30 p.m. for 1 hour

For 50 years we’ve known that there are special
qualities that some people have and other people
don’t. For years, research has tried to discover
what was it that separated people in terms of
long-term performance and success from others. 
NOW, the secret is out! Resilient behavior is the
key! Clearly, what is critical to personal and
organizational success, whether it is success in
sales, management leadership, relationships or
teamwork is resilience -- that “learned-in”
intelligence that creates success.



21 Day Health and Well-Being Challenge (free)
September 1 - 28, 2004 9:00 a.m. ET
21 minutes for 21 business days

Join Master Business Coach, Mike Jay, for 21
minutes a day while he exercises and receive the
gift of consultation about anything you care
to might even join him in exercising as
well, but it's not necessary...ASK ME ANYTHING
for 21 minutes for 21 business days. First come,
first served. Includes daily Health and Well-Being


COACHING Business Resilience ($297)
Lead by Mike Jay
September 1 - October 27, 2004 at 1:30 PM ET for 1 hr

Discover a step-by-step method of exactly what to
do to keep your business resilient - in good times
and bad. Join a 9 week teledevelopment program for
1 hr each week and work with others to create
business resilience with your business guide,
Master Business Coach, Mike R. Jay. First Hour



COACHING Network Resilience ($297) NEW START DATE!
Lead by Mike Jay
September 1 (12 weeks) at 3:30 p.m. for 1 hour

Clearly, what is critical to personal and
organizational success, whether it is success in
sales, management, leadership, relationships or
teamwork, is resilience.  In this class you will
discover the Secrets to Personal & Business
Success while Separating Yourself From the Rest
with this new
Ground-Breaking Program on Resilience!



with Mike Jay, Master Business Coach
Date: Mondays September 6 – November 1, 2004
Time: 1:30 p.m. ET for 1 hour

Mindful Leadership starts with you. 9 week
exploration with assessments:
(Assessments are included in fee)

Representational Style
Learning Style
World View
Trait Behaviors
Conflict Mode
Desire Profile
Firo B + Leadership Profile
Change State Indictor

Join Mike R. Jay, Master Business Coach for a
journey into the who, what, when, why, where and
how of YOU!


2 Ways to Purchase
Investment:  $297

Payment plan:  $97 down and $100/month for 2

** No refunds once you've received the assessment

THE ENNEAGRAM AS A Developmental Model ($5)
Lead by Dr. Joel M. Rothaizer
September 7, 2004 – 2 intro classes
6:00 PM EST 1 hour
9:00 PM EST 1 hour

The Enneagram has both a horizontal and a vertical
dimension. Most people focus on the horizontal
dimension (the nine types).  More important,
ultimately, is the vertical dimension, reflecting
Level of Development that make the Enneagram a
dynamic tool with remarkable specificity in
determining and then providing direction for

This class will introduce the Enneagram as a
developmental instrument, as well as answer
general questions about the Enneagram.

These classes will be recorded so if you can't
attend the live call, you will get access to the
audio with your registration fee.


6:00 p.m. ET

9:00 p.m. ET

Introduction to Database Marketing (free)
Why you ABSOLUTELY must learn database marketing
as a professional.
Tuesday, September 7, 6:45 p.m. ET
Lead by Mike Jay

In order to succeed in the next economy, every
independent professional will have to do database
marketing. If you don't do it, you'll be working
for someone who will. Join Master Business Coach
Mike R. Jay as he hands you the keys to this
powerful system of growing and sustaining your
business in difficult times.  This is an
introduction to the free 4 week course Database
Marketing 101.

Registration includes invitation to attend all
classes in the Professional Success Series, every
Tuesday at 6:45 p.m. ET


THE REISS PROFILE - 16 Basic Desires at a Glance
Lead by:  Dr. Steven Reiss
Wednesday, September 8, 2004
1:00 PM EST 1.5 hours

Dr. Steven Reiss, developer of the Reiss Profile
will discuss the sixteen enduring desires and
values make us individuals and determine our
personality.   Although everybody embraces all 16
basic desires, we differ in the extent to which we
value each one.  How we prioritize the 16 basic
desires is called a Reiss Profile. If you know an
individual’s Reiss Profile, you know what will and
what will not motivate the person, the
individual’s personality strengths and weaknesses,
the careers the person will find fulfilling, and
what is required for value-based happiness.  If
you know the Reiss Profile of any two people –
partners, supervisor and employee, parent and
child – you can identify specific strengths and
weaknesses in the relationship.  Of 50 people
tested on both the Reiss Profile and Myers Briggs,
more than 90 percent liked seeing both results and
said the findings were compatible. The Reiss
Profile is backed by more than 25 peer-reviewed
scientific publications and is regarded by many
who have used it as a highly accurate assessment

Steven Reiss is Professor of Psychology &
Psychiatry at the Ohio State University.  A
graduate of Dartmouth College and a Yale
University Ph.D., Dr. Reiss has won three national
research awards.  He ranks in the upper one
percent of psychologists in terms of the frequency
with which other researchers have cited his work
in their peer-reviewed publications. Dr. Reiss is
the author of the 2000 book, "Who Am I: The 16
Basic Desires That Motivate Our Actions and Define Our
Personalities", and has published more than 80
peer-reviewed articles.



Lead by Manya Arond-Thomas, MD
Wednesdays, September 8 - September 22, 2004
5:00 PM EST 90 minutes

As a woman, have you struggled with ambition? 
Many women have a different relationship to
ambition than do men.  This is a critical issue in
understanding and supporting women in leadership. 
We'll look at the research on why women are
willing to walk away from our dreams, learn what
the success factors are to move past the deferral
of your dreams, and strengthen your ability to
stand up for your dreams and ambitions.  This is
not a "how-to" class, but rather a personal

This class is for women only and is limited to 12



How to Set Up a Database Marketing System
4 Thursdays, September 9-30, 8:30 p.m. ET
Lead by Denise Wakeman

If YOU DO NOTHING ELSE this September, start
building an interactive database of prospects.

Of all the things I've done, the thing that stands
out as the most significant point of leverage is
creating a database marketing system. It took me 5
years to figure out how to do it, to finally start
it and to learn how to manage it easily.

Not only that, you'll get to take the class from a
person who knows the database marketing system we
use and can make it do things you won't believe
once you learn. Denise Wakeman will be leading the
classes in September. They will be recorded to
audio in case you  have to miss a class, but
whatever you do--JUST DO IT!<G>

TAKE THE TIME to resolve yourself to do this. The
classes are free.

If you're interested in surviving as an
independent person, professional, business or
network, you have to have this system. Just take a
quick look at all the things it can do here: and then sign up for the
free trial and classes.

Act now and give yourself the best Holiday Season
in 2004 by starting now to get yourself into
another class of doing business in a global

To register:

COACHING Professional Resilience ($297)
Lead by Jackie Martin and Daniela Trocan
September 13 (12 weeks) at 1:30 p.m. ET for 1 hour

In this iteration of resilience, we look at the
domain of the professional and consider the
particular aspects of professional resilience. 
EVERY professional, self-employed person,
entrepreneur or business decision-maker may have
to improve their resilience in order to become
increasingly resilient as life, work and business
conditions become exceedingly complex over time.



Led by: Rick Stoddard
Mondays, September 14 – October 4 (4 weeks)
8:30 p.m. ET 1.75 hour

Learn the basic systems approach to guaranteed
success for building a thriving professional
practice.  4 training modules complete with
special resource links for additional in-depth
support materials and assessments.
To register:

ENNEAGRAM TRAINING for Coaches and Consultants,
Level 1  ($279)
Lead by Dr. Joel M. Rothaizer
Tuesdays, September 14 - October 29, 2004
6:00 PM EST 1.5 hours

The Enneagram is a delicately interwoven
nine-point system that enables us to have profound
understanding of ourselves and others - our
filters, drivers, and blind spots - the lenses
through which we view the world - along with our
gifts, potentials, and a remarkably clear map for
personal and professional development.  You can
use it to directly impact your results in the work
environment and to deeply enhance your life.

This training will help you realize yourself at a
deeper level, enabling you to be more available to
your clients, those close to you, and more
in-touch with who you really are.

These classes will be recorded so if you can't
attend the live call, you will get access to the
audio with your registration fee.



CRITICAL THINKING I - Becoming More Effective
Lead by Jackie Martin
Thursdays, September 16 - November 11, 2004
11:00 AM EST 1 hour

Discover how you can strengthen your intellectual
skills and abilities.

Learn how to take additional perspectives and
think more deliberately, objectively, rationally,
and consistently to make better decisions and
avoid costly mistakes.

This interactive course focuses on the
fundamentals of critical thinking using examples
that are directly applicable to our daily lives. 
During class, participants will have an
opportunity to examine, discuss and create various
forms of arguments to reinforce key concepts.



Lead by Mike Jay
September 17, 1:30 p.m. ET for 1 hour

Come join Mike Jay, Master Business Coach as he
discusses pricing professional services and
answers your individual questions on pricing.
Attend the call and receive a generic pricing
package plan Mike has used for years to guide
pricing decisions.


DEVELOP AND MARKET a Successful Teleclass Through
TeleDevelop! (free)
Lead by Robin Wilson
Wednesdays September 22 - September 29, 2004
1:00 PM EST 1.5 hours

Got a teleclass in mind, just not sure where to

Not sure how to market your teleclass?

Learn the keys to develop and list a successful
teleclass in half the time.  Find out the secrets
successful marketers use to fill their classes
while increasing exposure. Discover ways to
maximize your returns through Teleclasses!



Lead by Ajai Singh
Fridays, September 24 - October 15, 2004
1:30 PM EST 1 hour
DISC Assessment included
$40.00 Class only - No Assessment

This is an opportunity for participants to
understand the DISC model and its finer points. 
Participants will understand the implications of
each of the four factors and their interplay with
each other.  They will get a better understanding
of their own behavior and also the ability to
understand others so that they can adapt for
better communication and understanding.
Information on how to access the assessment will
be given out at the first class.


Registration:  Class with DISC Assessment

Registration:  Class Only - No Assessment

Lead by Mike R. Jay
Tuesdays, September 28, 2004, 12 weeks 11:00 am ET, 1 hr

Spiral Coaching uses a synthesis of developmental
coaching, emotional competence and spiral dynamics
to explore the core intelligence and deep values
that flow beneath what we believe and do.



Lead by Robin Wilson
Wednesdays, September 29 - October 20, 2004
2:30 PM EST 1.5 hours

Hourly employees may spend 30% of their time
listening, while managers often spend 60% and
executives 75% or more.  Understanding your
listening approach allows you to capitalize on
your listening strengths and overcome potential
communication barriers.  Through this class you

Discover your preferred listening approach

Understand the focus, motivation and behavioral
indicators of five listening approaches

Appreciate and apply the different listening
approaches in various environments

Create a personal development plan to improve
listening abilities




21 DAY HEALTH and Well-Being Challenge (free)
Lead by Mike Jay
Wednesdays, October 1- 29, 2004
9:00 AM EST
21 minutes for 21 business days

Join Master Business Coach, Mike Jay, for 21
minutes a day while he exercises and receive the
gift of consultation about anything you care
to might even join him in exercising as
well, but it's not necessary...ASK ME ANYTHING
for 21 minutes for 21 business days. First come,
first served. Includes daily Health and Well-Being


Lead by Pat Milland
October 4 - November 1, 2004
4:00 PM EST 1 hour

Nature - Nurture!  There is so much we can learn
from nature and how it can nourish us towards
better health - physically, emotionally and

Join us for this, our 1st 5-week series and we'll
explore together options to optimizing your



Lead by Mike Jay
October 5, 12:15 p.m. ET for 1 hour
9 weeks

The application of Critical Thinking I to
developmental coaching through the after action
review system of live coaching demonstrations with
critical review. Join Mike R. Jay, Master Business
Coach and a group of critical thinking I
participants in this magical journey of critical
thinking and feeling applied.

Pre-Requisite: Enrolled in Critical Thinking I, or
graduate of CT I.


Affirmations ($99.00)
Lead by Richard Freis
October 11 - October 25, 2004
5:00 PM EST 1.5 hours

EFT is a 12-point acupressure protocol which works
with the body's bioenergy (chi) to release blocks
and balance energies, reducing or erasing phobias,
traumatic memories, cravings, and physical pain,
as well as lowered performance in sports and other
areas.  You will learn the basic EFT protocol to
benefit yourself, family, and associates; how EFT
boosts the success of affirmations; and the bonus
9-Gamut EFT protocol, for added effectiveness.



CREATIVE RETIREMENT, Creating Retirement ($29.00)
Lead by Emily Marcus
Tuesdays, October 12 - October 19, 2004
8:30 PM EST 1 hour

The meaning of "Retirement" ha changed and will
continue to change.  You may have 30 years of
living left to do, once you stop working.

In this 2 part class, you will explore your
current concepts of what retirement and growing
old are "supposed" to be. Then, through discussion
and visioning create what they can and will be for
you.  Come to this class to re-imagine and
re-create what retirement is going to be for you.



Lead by Scott Roberts
Mondays, October 18 – November 15, 2004
8:00 PM EST 1.5 hours

48 Days To the Work You Love is a strategic
program designed to help you move ahead in your
career with the confidence, boldness and
enthusiasm.  It is a foundation for successful
living that can be the starting point for
confident decisions in work, family and social
environments.  Participants move through the
exercises and group interaction gaining self
understanding, a clearer sense of calling, or
purpose, and then seeing the applications in daily
fulfilling work.  48 Days to the Work You Love
deals with the "whole person" rather than just
sets of skills or compartments of knowledge.  85%
of the process of having the confidence and proper
direction comes from looking inward first.  The
class includes a personality profile, workbook and
audio CD.




Lead by Manya Arond-Thomas, MD
Mondays, November 1 - November 15, 2004
12:00 PM EST 90 minutes

As a woman, have you struggled with ambition? Many
women have a different relationship to ambition
than do men.  This is a critical issue in
understanding and supporting women in leadership. 
We'll look at the research on why women are
willing to walk away from our dreams, learn what
the success factors are to move past the deferral
of your dreams, and strengthen your ability to
stand up for your dreams and ambitions.  This is
not a "how-to" class, but rather a personal

This class is for women only and is limited to 12



Lead by Mike R. Jay, Master Business Coach
Tuesdays, November 9 - 30
11:00 AM EST

Join Master Business Coach Mike Jay, long time
Reiss Practitioner, in four 2 hour virtual
sessions over the telephone as he shares with you
how to coach with the Reiss Desire Profile. Each
graduate of this program Will be able to add the
Reiss Desire Profile to their Assessment portfolio
and support their clients with our powerful DNA
(Desire, Needs and Actions) coaching system.

Each participant receives their own Reiss
Assessment to Use in the program and will walk
away with an Understanding of why they do what
they do.

Graduates from the program will be able to use the
Assessment with their clients through our
assessment center and receive special rates. Don't
miss this program if you're a coach or
professional wanting to get into coaching.

Participants in this program will qualify for
special Discounts to our Coaching Personal
Resilience Program as well as our new Sports
Coaching System utilizing the Reiss Desire Profile
in Sports. If you've wanted to open new doors with
your coaching, we'll show you how with this

If you're already familiar with the Reiss Desire
Profile, then you'll be especially motivated to
attend this program.  We'll update you will new
materials, research and more sophisticated
approaches to using the Reiss to increase
performance, productivity and motivation in life
and work settings.  You'll get a glimpse at the
new Integral Mapping System we've developed to
work with more advanced clients.


Lead by Ajai Singh
Fridays, November 19 - November 26, 2004
1:30 PM EST 1 hour
$69.00 includes PIAV Assessment
$30.00 Class only, No Assessment

Attitudes - The Missing Link
This teleseminar will develop a coach's knowledge
about themselves and how to communicate with
others.  Understanding why people do what they do
opens up a whole new level of understanding and
communicating.   When coaches learn where there
clients are coming from, they begin to see each
others' behavior from a different viewpoint.  Each
coach should know the "how" and the "why" of every
client. DISC (How) plus Attitudes (Why) leads to
powerful communication, understanding and decision
making for your life.


Registration:  Class with PIAV Assessment

Registration: Class Only, No Assessments

J A N U A R Y   2 0 0 5

lead by Mike R. Jay
Tuesdays, January 11 - April 5, 2005
11:00 a.m. ET

Emergenics is the advanced study of individual and
collective development utilizing non-linear
systems theory as it is applied to problem solving
in complex environments.  It is strongly
recommended that you have completed Spiral
Coaching before participating in this program.



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the schools.

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The LeadU Team


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